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Who We Are

We are passionate modern day inventors who strive to make the world a better place with our products and projects. New challenges excite us to innovate and push the frontiers of what’s possible.

"Make what you can imagine!"

                                - our vision


Humankind made what they wanted, how they wanted for thousands of years.. Displaying ingenuity, personality and the fullest sense of  achievement. Overtime companies and brands took over and produced products which are standardised for everyone. We at ATATRI want to empower your imagination by getting what you want made! 

With help of immense cloud based capability available with artisans and small manufacturers, now you can get your imagination "made". Whether you are a small store or an individual or a laboratory who want anything made, just loop us in and get it manufactured!
Be assured of quality, cost and time of delivery with our value system and wide network.

Be a part of this innovative startup story in growing towards your thirsty, worthy vision!


Our Mission



We believe every idea deserves a chance and that everyone deserves a platform to make their dreams come to true.
That is the crux of Atatri, to make custom products to suit our customers' unique requirements.

Core Values


Go above and beyond


Solve problems and make lives easier.


Bring the latest technology and design for the future

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