Negative Pressure Chamber Development with UV Sterilisation at ATATRI

We have developed a self cleansing negative pressure chamber to use during operations/procedures on patients to protect the healthcare workers from the imminent danger of Covid19.

Novel points:

  1. Negative pressure chamber uses existing setup in hospitals (vacuum line)

  2. A filtration system which uses PM 2.5 filter which is constantly sterilised by UV C (250 nm) light is developed to keep the vacuum line sterile.

  3. The UV C light is built in into the setup and is a plug and play system. This allows for installing in any ICU or hospital environments

  4. For situations with no pressure line, we provide an exhaust fan which can help maintain negative pressure for the chamber.

We are customising sizes to the requirement of the hospitals based on various different factors like bed size & operation requirements.

Trials done at Orthoon hospital, Coimbatore & Anurag hospital, Coimbatore.

For ordering in Coimbatore/Tamil Nadu/Bangalore please mail to

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